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About Us

A portal to assist and provide information beyond links to local county offices. The portal streamlines the due diligence process by aggregating property information from local assessor, recorder, treasurer, and clerks offices.  Our due diligence experts are not only familiar with the legal statues that affect land records, but also know all the ins and outs of the appeal process and how the mass appraisal system works. Since our launch in 2002, we have provided title search, document retrieval and recording managed services, as well as help rescue clients from tax sales and reduce their property taxes through the appeal process.  Combining data, documents, business process, and project management we provide the blueprint for a winning appeal by scanning for comparable properties nearby that pay less in taxes, compiling a list of those properties that can be used as evidence to justify the appeal, and handling all the necessary paperwork and deadlines.

Value Proposition

  1. County Government has a wealth of services the public can take advantage of, however navigating the maze of county offices is no easy task.  It often requires people to travel downtown, lose time from work and pay, locate the proper office, wait in line, locate their information and wait for the information to be produced.  Sometimes the process can take two trips, and in Chicago parking rates exceed $20 for the first half hour.  With our service there's no parking fees or waiting in line.  In most cases our service costs a fraction of what if would cost you to do it your self.
  2. Property and Mortgage Fraud are the fastest growing white-collar crimes in the country, but if caught early it gives the victim valuable time to stop the perpetrator in their tracks.  Our abstractors and examiners can review your chain-of-title, notify you of any title defects as soon as they appear, and recommend appropriate curative actions.
  3. Every household needs to workout its own records management system to decide what happens to property after a major life event.  One of the household records recommended you keep is your property deed, for as long as you own the property.  Our Certified abstractors can obtain a copy of the deed to your property for safe keeping in case of an emergency or natural disaster.
  4. According to Assessor Joseph Berrios We encourage appeals. What is good for a city block, neighborhood or town may not be good for an individual property. If you don't appeal, we assume our calculations were right and you are happy. Please appeal your taxes if you feel they are too high. The appeal process keeps our system honest. Our appeals analysts can maintain your assessment and taxes at a fair level.



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