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The primary role of the Assessor is to estimate the property value of approximately 1.8 million parcels of real estate in Cook County.  Each year, one third of the County (a triennial district) is reassessed.  The Assessor also administers important money-saving property tax exemption programs.


The Office of the Recorder of Deeds records, stores, and provides information that is accurate, legible, timely, and easily retrievable for public and private use. The office creates public records of land transactions as well as Federal and State tax liens, articles of incorporation, and Uniform Commercial Code filings..


The Cook County Treasurer is a constitutional office in Illinois, manages the second largest property tax collection system in the United States of America.  The Cook County Treasurer's Office is chiefly responsible for mailing tax bills and accurately collecting, investing, distributing and issuing refunds on approximately $10 billion in real-estate tax payments annually.  These billings and collection involve the owners and owners representatives for nearly 1.7 million local government agencies and sub agencies across Cook County.

Board of Review

The Board of Review is vested with quasi-judicial powers to hear and decide taxpayer complaints on the value or exempt status of real property, which includes residential, commercial, industrial and condominium property, along with vacant land.


The County Clerk's Office is the official custodian of Cook County records and books.  The office records, maintains and copies vital documents such as real estate property tax books, tax redemption records, and official County Maps.  In addition, the office issues tax rates, permanent real estate numbers and new tax codes.

Clerk of Circuit Court

Under the Illinois Constitution, the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County is part of the judicial branch of state government.  The Clerk of the Circuit Court is the official record keeper of the Circuit Court of Cook County.  More than 400 judges hear traffic, civil, criminal, juvenile and all other types of cases originating in Chicago and Suburban Cook County..



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